R-20, r. 12 - Rules of procedure and practice of the construction industry commissioner

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30. The purpose of the pre-hearing conference is
(1)  to define the issues to be dealt with at the hearing;
(2)  to assess the advisability of clarifying and adding detail to the allegations of the parties and the relief sought;
(3)  to facilitate the disclosure of documentary evidence between the parties;
(4)  to plan the conduct of proceedings and the adducing of evidence at the hearing;
(5)  to examine the possibility for the parties to admit some facts or to evidence them by affidavits;
(6)  to examine any other issue likely to simplify or accelerate the conduct of the hearing;
(7)  to examine the possibility of agreeing to a meeting among the parties to try to bring them to an agreement; and
(8)  to examine the possibility of designating a person to meet with the parties for conciliation purposes pursuant to section 21.0.3 of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry (chapter R-20).
O.C. 850-2002, s. 30.