R-20, r. 11 - Regulation respecting the register, monthly report, notices from employers and the designation of a representative

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7. A designation made under section 6 must be made in writing and must be received by the Commission before the date prescribed for it to take effect; otherwise, it shall take effect on the date it is received.
A legal person or partnership may, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided for in section 6 and in the first paragraph of this section, designate a new representative to replace the previously designated representative. Such new designation terminates the previous designation as of the date on which the new designation takes effect.
No designation or modification of a designation is deemed to have been received unless it contains the prescribed information and, in the case of a modification, is accompanied by the fee exigible under the Regulation respecting certain fees required by the Commission de la construction du Québec (chapter R-20, r. 2).
O.C. 1528-96, s. 7.