R-20, r. 11 - Regulation respecting the register, monthly report, notices from employers and the designation of a representative

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11.1. An employer who meets the requirements provided for in Division I and for whom fewer than 11 employees usually work during a monthly period of work may transmit his report by telephone.
The employer shall first register to that effect with the Commission, which shall provide him with a security code which, with the identification number provided for in section 1, makes it possible to identify the employer when he transmits the report. The Commission may change the code upon request.
The report may be transmitted by calling the Commission at the number and during the periods provided for this purpose.
After the report is transmitted, the Commission shall send the employer a notice of assessment indicating the amounts referred to in section 13 that he must pay, according to the information provided.
O.C. 218-2000, s. 1.