R-17.0.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting voluntary retirement savings plans

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35. For the purposes of this Chapter:
“date of the valuation” means:
(1)  for the purpose of preparing the statement under section 76 of the Act:
(a)  the date of institution of proceedings, where the statement is requested after the proceedings provided for under the first paragraph of that section have been instituted;
(b)  the date on which the member and his spouse ceased to live together, where the statement is requested for the purposes of pre-hearing mediation concerning a family matter;
(c)  the date set for determining the net value of family patrimony, where the statement is requested during a joint procedure before a notary for the dissolution of a civil union;
(d)  the date on which the spouses’ conjugal relationship ended, where the statement is requested further to the cessation of conjugal relationship between spouses who were not married or in a civil union;
(2)  for any other purpose, the date set for the valuation of the member’s benefits in the voluntary retirement savings plan by the judgment, transaction contract or agreement giving rise to the partition or transfer of the benefits or, if there is no provision in the judgment, contract or agreement, the date provided for by the act governing the partition of the spouses’ property;
“date of institution of proceedings” means the date of the application for separation from bed and board, for divorce, for annulment of marriage, for the dissolution or annulment of a civil union or for the payment of a compensatory allowance, according to the procedure at the origin of the partition or transfer of benefits.
O.C. 499-2014, s. 35.