R-17.0.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting voluntary retirement savings plans

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(s. 29)
I declare:
(1) that the total of the locked-in amounts credited to my accounts in the following pension plans:
(a) defined contribution pension plans;
(b) defined benefit or defined benefit-defined contribution pension plans in application of provisions similar to those of a defined contribution plan;
(c) life income funds;
(d) locked-in retirement accounts;
(e) voluntary retirement savings plans governed by the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act (chapter R-17.0.1),
is $_____________;
(2) that the total is based on the most recent information that I have;
(3) that the said information is less than 18 months old.
(Date)______________ (Signature) __________________________
O.C. 499-2014, Sch. A.