R-15.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the exemption of certain categories of pension plans from the application of provisions of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act

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35.1. The first part of the annual statement provided for in section 112 of the Act, which is sent to a non-active member who has already made optional ancillary contributions, shall contain, in addition to the information required by the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans (chapter R-15.1, r. 6) with respect to the statement sent to a non-active member, the following information:
(1)  where a member has exercised options related to the optional ancillary benefits, the nature of the benefits chosen;
(2)  where a member is entitled to a deferred pension, the total of the optional ancillary benefits entered separately to the member’s account, with interest accrued to the end of the fiscal year;
(3)  where the circumstances warrant and at least once every 3 years, the optional ancillary contributions at the ending date of the fiscal year, determined by taking into account the options exercised with respect to the benefits referred to in paragraph 1 and, where the member did not exercise any option related to the optional ancillary contributions, by supposing that such contributions were converted at the optimal value of the options available under the plan.
O.C. 1151-2002, s. 26.