R-15.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the exemption of certain categories of pension plans from the application of provisions of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act

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22. The characteristics that a multi-employer plan referred to in section 21 must have are the following:
(1)  the plan is a defined benefit-defined contribution plan;
(2)  the plan has, on the date of transmission of the application for registration of the amendment intended to exempt it from the application of the provisions mentioned in the said section, at least 7 employers who have 15 or more active members in their service;
(3)  according to the provisions of the plan, no employer has the power to amend the plan, directly or indirectly, subject in the latter case, to the consent required under paragraph 3 of section 24 of the Act;
(4)  the plan is not governed by any law that is similar to the Supplemental Pension Plans Act (chapter R-15.1) and emanates from any legislative authority other than the Parliament of Québec, and only workers referred to in section 1 of the Act may be members of the said plan.
O.C. 280-99, s. 1.