R-15.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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67.3.14. If the plan does not allow the benefits of the members and beneficiaries to be maintained in the plan, the statement must also indicate:
(1)  if it concerns a non-active member for whom a pension is being paid at the date of withdrawal or a beneficiary:
(a)  the payment methods provided for in subparagraph a of paragraph 2 of section 146.90 of the Act;
(b)  that the benefits of the non-active member or beneficiary will be paid by the purchase of an annuity from an insurer selected by the pension committee if he or she does not provide another choice within the time period referred to in subparagraph 3 of the second paragraph of section 67.3.13;
(2)  if it concerns any other member or beneficiary, that his or her benefits will be paid by means of a transfer to a plan referred to in section 98 of the Act.
O.C. 308-2022, s. 55.