R-15.1, r. 6.1.1 - Regulation concerning certain Papiers White Birch pension plans

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3.6. At the date of an actuarial valuation of a past component of a pension plan, the projected liabilities as at the end date of the projection are obtained by assuming that, between the date of the valuation and the end date, with regard to solvency liabilities for the affected component as at the date of the valuation, contingencies based on actuarial assumptions as to survival, morbidity, mortality, employee turnover, eligibility for benefits or other factors will occur and by assuming that termination of the plan will occur at the end date of the projection. The actuarial assumptions and methods used shall be consistent with generally accepted actuarial principles and must be suited, in particular, to the type of plan concerned, its obligations and the position of the account of the affected component of the pension plan.
Moreover, the projected liabilities at the end date of the projection are determined using the assumptions for hypothetical wind-up and solvency valuations established by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, with regard to the benefits of the members and beneficiaries whose pension would be in payment on that date. For the benefits of the other members and beneficiaries, they are determined in accordance with the assumptions and rules referred to in section 67.4 of the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans (R-15.1, r. 6). The applicable rules are those that apply on the date of the actuarial valuation.
O.C. 1309-2013, s. 1.