R-15.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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75. Where a member ceased to be an active member before 1 January 2001 and where the valuation date is prior to that date, the first paragraph of section 36.1 must be applied with respect to the service credited to the member before 1 January 1990 separately from the service credited after that date, taking into account the transitional provisions of the Act and assuming that, for the purposes of section 293 of the Act as it read before 1 January 2001, the period of continuous employment of the member ended on the valuation date.
Moreover, where the member is not entitled to a pension on the date on which the member ceased to be an active member or on the valuation date, as the case may be, the member’s total benefits correspond to a refund.
O.C. 1158-90, s. 75; O.C. 173-2002, s. 64; O.C. 1073-2009, s. 47.