R-15.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the funding of pension plans of the municipal and university sectors

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38.7. The stabilization fund consists of the contributions, including interest accrued, paid into the fund either by the employer, the members, or both, as provided for in the plan text. Those contributions are called “stabilization contributions”.
The plan must provide for the payment of stabilization contributions to provision the stabilization fund. The target level of the fund must be equal to or greater than the provision for adverse deviation, established in accordance with the provisions of sections 60.3 to 60.5 of the Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans (chapter R-15.1, r. 6) with regard to the new component of the pension plan.
The stabilization contributions made by members are separate from the member or additional voluntary contributions referred to in section 37 of the Act.
O.C. 1203-2013, s. 1.