R-15.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the funding of pension plans of the municipal and university sectors

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32. The report must contain the following financial information:
(1)  the service contribution projected for the fiscal year or part of a fiscal year immediately following the actuarial valuation and the rule used to determine the service contribution;
(2)  the rule used to determine the service contributions for the 2 subsequent fiscal years;
(3)  the amounts to be paid respectively by the employer and by the members, and, for each amount, in the case of a defined benefit plan for which certain provisions are identical to those of a defined contribution plan, the share that must be paid for those provisions and the share that must be paid for the defined benefit provisions;
(4)  the employer contribution provided for in the plan, if it is greater than the contribution provided for in section 39 of the Act as amended by section 5;
(5)  a description of the adjustments to the contributions arising from the application of the third paragraph of section 41 of the Act.
O.C. 541-2010, s. 32.