R-12.1, r. 3 - Provisions respecting the determination of supplementary benefits in respect of certain classes of employees under section 208 of the Act respecting the Pension Plan of Management Personnel

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(s. 3)
(1) administrators of state I;
(2) persons appointed under section 57 of the Public Service Act (chapter F-3.1.1) who hold a position of deputy minister or whose deed of appointment stipulates that they have the rank and privileges of a deputy minister;
(3) the executive assistant to the Premier;
(4) the persons designated in paragraphs 4, 5 and 7 of Schedule II to the basic Order in Council who hold a position for which the salary level is at least DM06 in the salary structure, approved by the Government, for officers and members of bodies or agencies;
(5) the Auditor General;
(6) the Secretary General of the National Assembly, if the basic Order in Council applies to the Secretary General;
(7) the Public Protector, except if section 8 of the Public Protector Act (chapter P-32) applies to the Public Protector;
(8) any person who belonged to one of the classes of employees designated in paragraphs 1 to 7 and whose remuneration and conditions of employment are maintained by the Government;
(9) all other persons employed by a government department, a public or parapublic body or agency or by a body or an agency designated by the Government, if the Government makes an order to that effect.
O.C. 961-2003, Sch. I.