R-10, r. 2 - Regulation under the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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9. An employee who is a member of the Syndicat des fonctionnaires provinciaux du Québec inc., and has been absent without pay owing to a strike or a lock-out, between 22 June 1979 and 13 November 1979, may obtain credit for those days and part days provided that:
(1)  he applied to the Commission before 19 December 1981;
(2)  he pays an amount equal to the contributions that would have been deducted if he had not been so absent, based on the salary he was being paid on 21 June 1979; and
(3)  the Syndicat des fonctionnaires provinciaux du Québec inc. pays 140% of the amount fixed in subparagraph 2.
The amount that the employee must pay under subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph is increased by interest at the rate of 11.38% from 18 June 1980 to 30 June 1981, and at the rate of 10.61% from 1 July 1981. The interest is calculated from the month following the date of mailing of the proposal for redemption issued by the Commission.
O.C. 1845-88, s. 9.