R-10, r. 2 - Regulation under the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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15. The list of participants, retired persons and former employees of the supplementary retirement plan must indicate:
(1)  their names and sex;
(2)  their dates of birth;
(3)  their social insurance numbers;
(4)  the dates on which they began work;
(5)  the dates on which they joined the plan;
(6)  the number of years credited to the person under the plan distinguishing those credited for prior service;
(7)  the amount of the annuity payable under a certificate of redeemed annuity;
(8)  the amount or percentage of pension credit after adjustment made to take into account any surplus or deficit;
(9)  the amount of an employee’s contributions, with interest accrued in accordance with the provisions of the plan to the date of joining the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan; and
(10)  the amount of any other benefit payable under the plan.
O.C. 1845-88, s. 15.