R-10, r. 11 - Regulation respecting pension credits obtained pursuant to sections 101 and 158 of the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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3. The employee who, on 31 December 1999 or after that date, participated in this plan, has the right to be paid his pension credit when, at the moment he ceases to participate, he:
(1)  has reached the age of 60;
(2)  has carried out at least 35 years of service; and
(3)  is eligible to a pension under this plan, under the restrictions of the third paragraph.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the employee may request that his pension credit be granted at a date subsequent to the one on which retires, but without exceeding the date on which his pension credit would have been granted without the reduction provided for in paragraph 3.
The pension credit paid to the employee under paragraph 3 of the first paragraph is reduced during its term, of ⅓ of 1% per month comprised between the date on which it is payable and the closest date on which his pension credit would have been paid under subparagraph 1 or 2 of this paragraph.
T.B. 197198, s. 3.