R-10, r. 10 - Pension plan for federal employees transferred to employment with the Gouvernement du Québec

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90.7. The Comité de retraite referred to in section 164 of the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan (chapter R-10) shall request the Commission to cause to be prepared, not later than 31 October 1998, by the actuaries it designates, the valuation of additional actuarial commitments arising out of the introduction of the temporary criteria of eligiblity for a pension provided for in Division II and of the actuarial reductions that will not be made pursuant to that Division.
Notwithstanding the second paragraph of section 94, the assessment rate shall not be revised if that valuation reveals that the plan has an actuarial surplus sufficient to pay the costs resulting from the amendments provided for in this Chapter.
O.C. 1197-97, s. 2.