R-10, r. 10 - Pension plan for federal employees transferred to employment with the Gouvernement du Québec

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90.2. A contributor who meets the condition provided for in paragraph 1 of section 90.1 and who is entitled to receive, before 2 July 1997 under the provisions of this Chapter, an immediate pension or an annual allowance may cease to hold employment with his employer, retire and prevail himself of the provisions of this Chapter no later than 2 July 1997 or at the end of a 30-day period after the date of receipt of an estimate of his pension or annual allowance made by the Commission, whichever is later, if he has sent to the Commission, within 30 days from the date of receipt of his statement of participation in the plan sent by the Commission for the application of the measures provided for in this Chapter, an application for an estimate of his pension or annual allowance.
O.C. 1197-97, s. 2.