R-10, r. 10 - Pension plan for federal employees transferred to employment with the Gouvernement du Québec

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71. A contributor who voluntarily ceases to hold employment with his employer and who was not employed without significant interruption for a period of 2 years immediately prior to ceasing to hold employment shall be entitled only to a refund of his contributions.
For the purposes of this section, the period for which a contributor was employed with his employer shall include any period of service accomplished within a 2-year period immediately prior to the date on which the employee ceases to hold employment with his employer and accomplished by the contributor:
(1)  as an employee of the public service;
(2)  as a member of the regular force or of the RCMP;
(3)  with an approved employer with which the Minister has concluded an agreement in accordance with section 30 of the federal Act, that the employee shall be entitled under the agreement to count as pensionable service for the purposes of Part I of that Act.
O.C. 430-93, s. 71.