Q-2, r. 9.1 - Regulation respecting compensation for adverse effects on wetlands and bodies of water

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10.3. The plan of work to restore or create wetlands or bodies of water referred to in the first paragraph of section 10.1 must include the following information and documents:
(1)  a georeferenced map showing the location of the types of wetlands and bodies of water present on the site selected before the work is carried out, and of the wetlands or bodies of water that will be restored or created;
(2)  a detailed characterization of the site or sites selected to carry out the work;
(3)  the objectives of the work;
(4)  a detailed description of the work;
(5)  a plan of the work and the timeframe for carrying out the plan;
(6)  the monitoring measures that will be applied in the first, third and fifth years after the work is completed and any corrective measures that must be provided for following the work.
O.C. 1369-2021, s. 7.