Q-2, r. 6 - Groundwater Catchment Regulation

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49.4. A monetary administrative penalty of $750 in the case of a natural person or $3,500 in other cases may be imposed on any person who fails
(1)  to carry out installation works or modification of a groundwater catchment work or to use the materials prescribed to do so in accordance with section 4;
(2)  to comply with the prohibition to install a catchment work closer than the distances provided for in section 5;
(3)  to carry out the spreading of the substances prescribed on the periphery of the areas of prohibition so as to prevent runoff into those areas in accordance with the fourth paragraph of section 26;
(4)  to take samples to ensure, for the cases provided for, a groundwater quality monitoring program or to have the samples analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the Minister in accordance with the first or second paragraph of section 44.
O.C. 656-2013, s. 1.