Q-2, r. 6 - Groundwater Catchment Regulation

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44. The owner of a groundwater catchment project intended to supply water for human consumption or for the production or processing of food the supply area of which is likely to cut in part through the territory described in Schedule II must have a groundwater quality monitoring program for certain organic compounds, in particular vinyl chloride. The content of the monitoring program (sites where groundwater is drawn and frequency, physicochemical parameters, detection limit, sampling method) must be based on the technical characteristics of the project (catchment site and volume of water drawn).
The groundwater samples must be analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the Minister under section 118.6 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2).
The presence of any of the organic compounds in the monitoring program must be made known to the Minister not later than 30 days after the owner has received the results of the analyses of the water samples referred to in the first paragraph.
The operation of a catchment site may be continued only if there is no confirmed presence of any organic compound in the monitoring program.
The results of the monitoring program must be kept and be made available upon request to the Minister.
O.C. 696-2002, s. 44.