Q-2, r. 6 - Groundwater Catchment Regulation

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21. The owner of a catchment work must have groundwater samples taken between the second and the thirtieth day following the beginning of use of the pumping equipment and have the samples analyzed by a laboratory accredited by the Minister under section 118.6 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2).
The following parameters must be analyzed:
— total coliform bacteria;
— Escherichia coli bacteria;
— enterococcus bacteria;
— arsenic;
— barium;
— chlorides;
— fluorides;
— iron;
— manganese;
— nitrates and nitrites;
— sodium;
— sulfates; and
— total hardness based on the calcium and magnesium content.
The laboratory shall give to the owner and send to the Minister the results of the analyses of the water samples referred to in the first paragraph, within 10 days after the samples intended to control bacteria are drawn, or, for samples intended to control other parameters, within 60 days of drawing the samples.
The owner of a catchment work referred to in the first paragraph must ensure that water intended for human consumption complies with section 3 of the Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water (chapter Q-2, r. 40).
O.C. 696-2002, s. 21.