Q-2, r. 6 - Groundwater Catchment Regulation

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11. A person who installs a shallow well must comply with the following standards:
(1)  the materials used must be new;
(2)  the space inside the well must be wider than 60 cm and the well must not be more than 9 m deep below the ground surface;
(3)  the casing must be made of concrete pipes complying with Standard NQ 2622-126 or stonework or porous concrete or plastic;
(4)  the connection joints must be watertight;
(5)  the well must rise above the ground surface by not less than 30 cm; and
(6)  the annular space must be filled in accordance with good practice using a material that ensures, over a space of at least 5 cm, a watertight and durable sealing such as a cement bentonite mix, to a depth of 1 m below the ground surface.
O.C. 696-2002, s. 11.