Q-2, r. 46 - Regulation respecting contaminated soil storage and contaminated soil transfer stations

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8. A contractor who, within the same field of activities and in the normal course of the activities, is likely to contaminate small volumes of soil in various locations may recover, ship and store the soil on one of the contractor’s sites or similar sites on the following conditions:
(1)  the contractor must inform the Minister in writing of the situation referred to in this section and indicate the sites on which the soils are stored;
(2)  the contractor must enter in a logbook the locations where soils were contaminated because of the operation of the contractor’s enterprise, and the subsequent destination of the soils; the logbook must be kept and made available to the Minister for 5 years;
(3)  the volume of soils excavated or stored must not exceed 50 m3 per site;
(4)  the soils must be placed in closed and leak-proof containers that must be placed on an impermeable surface protected from bad weather; and
(5)  the maximum storage time is 180 days.
For the purposes of the first paragraph, “similar site” means any site the contractor goes to in the normal course of activities and for which the contractor has obtained a written authorization from the owner of the site to store contaminated soils on the conditions set out in subparagraphs 3 to 5 of the first paragraph.
O.C. 15-2007, s. 8.