Q-2, r. 42.1 - Regulation respecting the charges payable for the use of water

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3. The use of water for the following activities is covered by this Regulation:
(1)  production of water in bottles or other containers, whether or not the water is intended for human consumption;
(2)  mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction (NAICS 21);
(3)  the manufacturing activities mentioned in the Schedule.
NAICS codes mentioned in this Regulation correspond to the codes of the “North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2007” published by Statistics Canada (Catalog no.12-501-XIF, 1998, ISBN 0-662-72948-X). The description of the activities to which the codes refer applies for the purposes of this Regulation, whether the activities are carried on as main activities or not.
O.C. 1017-2010, s. 3.