Q-2, r. 40 - Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water

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44.3. The person in charge of a distribution system or tank truck referred to in section 44.1 supplying more than 20 persons south of the 50th parallel must also, each month and with a minimum of 10 days between samplings, collect at least 1 sample of the water used for personal hygiene to test for the number of Escherichia coli bacteria present.
The person must also enter in a record the date and the name of the person who collected the sample and the number of Escherichia coli bacteria present in the sample. The paper copy of the record must be made available to the Minister for a minimum of 5 years after the date of the last entry.
O.C. 467-2005, s. 41; O.C. 70-2012, s. 59.