Q-2, r. 40 - Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water

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33. The laboratory shall send to the Minister using an information technology medium furnished to the laboratory by the Minister, the results of the analyses of the water samples referred to in section 31 and the data entered in the analysis request forms received under that section, within 10 days of the sampling in the case of samples for the control of microorganisms, residual disinfectant concentration or turbidity or, in the case of samples for the control of other parameters, within 60 days of the sampling.
Where the laboratory analyzes a greater number of water samples from a distribution system than the number of samples required by the provisions of this Regulation, the laboratory is required to send to the Minister the results of the analyses of all the samples collected.
Every person in charge of a distribution system or a tank truck referred to in this Regulation must keep and make available to the Minister a copy of every analysis report by an accredited laboratory of a water sample from that system or tank truck for 2 years from the date of the analysis report.
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