Q-2, r. 40 - Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water

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21.1. Treatment facilities supplied exclusively with groundwater in which the analyses of at least 2 samples have revealed the presence of no Escherichia coli bacteria or enterococci bacteria, no F-specific coliphage viruses, pathogenic microorganisms or indicator microorganisms of fecal contamination are excluded from the application of sections 22 and 22.1.
Raw water in oxidation and disinfection treatment facilities referred to in the first paragraph must be the subject of a monthly sampling to test for the presence of Escherichia coli bacteria and enterococci bacteria, except if the person in charge of those facilities meets the requirements provided for in sections 22 and 22.1 and provided that those facilities make it possible to reach a rate of virus elimination effectiveness equal to or greater than 99.99%.
O.C. 70-2012, s. 27.