Q-2, r. 40.1 - Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises

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53.0.15. For the purposes of the second paragraph of section 13, the percentage that may be used to compensate for a negative difference in the same subcategory of products is determined as follows:
(1)  where the proportion of recycled material content in products of the same subcategory marketed during the reference year is greater than 10% of the total weight of those products marketed that same year, the percentage is 1% per percentage point of recycled content greater than 10%;
(2)  where during the year the proportion of materials that were reused or recycled entirely in Québec contained in recovered products in the same subcategory is greater than 25% of the weight of products recovered necessary to attain the minimum recovery rate prescribed in Chapter VI, the percentage is 0.5% per percentage point greater than that proportion.
O.C. 933-2022, s. 61.