Q-2, r. 40.1 - Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises

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2. Every enterprise that markets a new product referred to in this Regulation under a brand, a name or a distinguishing guise owned or used by the enterprise must recover and reclaim, or cause to be recovered and reclaimed, by means of a recovery and reclamation program developed in accordance with section 5, any product of the same type as the product marketed by the enterprise and that is deposited at one of its drop-off centres or for which the enterprise offers, if applicable, a collection service.
If a product is marketed under more than one brand, name or distinguishing guise, the obligation provided for in the first paragraph falls on the enterprise responsible for the product’s design.
Despite the first and second paragraphs, that obligation falls on the enterprise that acts as the first supplier of that product in Québec, whether or not the enterprise is the importer, in the following cases:
(1)  the enterprise referred to in the first or second paragraph has no domicile or establishment in Québec;
(2)  the enterprise that markets the product acquires the product outside Québec, regardless of whether the enterprise owning or using the brand, name or distinguishing guise has a domicile or establishment in Québec; or
(3)  a product does not bear any brand, name or distinguishing guise.
Where enterprises referred to in this section are part of the same chain, franchise or banner, they may form a group to develop, in accordance with section 5, a common recovery and reclamation program pertaining to the products referred to in this Regulation and marketed by them under the same brand, name or distinguishing guise, or for which they act as first supplier. The group is then considered as an enterprise for the purposes of this Regulation.
O.C. 597-2011, s. 2.