Q-2, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the application of the Environment Quality Act

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7.1. A person who applies for a certificate of authorization for work referred to in subparagraph a or b of paragraph 6 of section 2, whether the work is to be carried out in a constant or intermittent watercourse, lake, bog, pond, marsh or swamp or outside any such environment, must first inform and consult the general public. To that end, the person must publish a notice in a newspaper distributed in the municipality in which the work is to be carried out, including
(1)  the cadastral designation of the lot or lots on which the project will be carried out;
(2)  the description of the perimeter of the territory in which the project will be carried out or an illustration by means of a sketch of the site, using street names whenever possible and the address of the site, and the fact that the description or illustration is available for consultation at the office of the municipality;
(3)  a summary of the project, providing at least the information required under subparagraphs 6 to 8 of the first paragraph and the second paragraph of section 7;
(4)  the date, time and place of the public consultation to be held in the municipality, which cannot be held less than 20 days after the date of publication of the notice;
(5)  a statement to the effect that any person may examine the full text of the document presenting the project referred to in subparagraph 3 on the website of the project promoter whose address is indicated in the notice and at the office of the municipality or obtain a copy of the document at the office on payment of a fee.
The project promoter must send a copy of the notice referred to in the first paragraph, as soon as it is published, to the Minister of Sustainable Development,Environment and Parks, to the municipality and to the regional county municipality in whose territory the project is to be carried out.
Where the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks designates a person to observe the public consultation, that person must attend the public assembly and, if applicable, at the request of the Minister, act as the moderator of the assembly and intervene in any matter connected to the conduct of the assembly. Within 5 days after the end of the public consultation, the designated person must forward to the Minister and to the project promoter a factual report on the holding of the public consultation.
The project promoter must produce a report on the observations gathered during the public consultation and indicate the changes made to the project, if any, following the public consultation. The promoter must forward a copy of the report to the municipality. A copy of the report must be filed, at the same time, for consultation purposes, in the office of the municipality; any person may obtain a copy of the report on payment of a fee.
The report, accompanied by a copy of the notice published in a newspaper, must be included with the application for a certificate of authorization.
O.C. 571-2011, s. 4.