Q-2, r. 37 - Land Protection and Rehabilitation Regulation

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2.5. The declaration of compliance includes the following information and is accompanied by a work schedule:
(1)  the contact information of the person filing it;
(2)  the location and description of the contaminated land;
(3)  the nature and concentration of contaminants present in the land and the quantity of soils to be excavated;
(4)  if the declarant is not the person carrying out the excavation work, the contact information of that person;
(5)  the address of the site where
(a)  contaminated soils will be shipped;
(b)  material from the dismantling of the installations present on the land, where applicable, will be shipped; and
(c)  recovered water will be discharged or, where applicable, transported.
O.C. 797-2019, s. 2.