Q-2, r. 35.1 - Québec residual materials management policy

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Without appropriate funding, the Policy objectives could be compromised, depriving Québec of significant economic benefits in addition to harming the environment and social development. To ensure better funding, the government intends to improve its economic instruments for residual materials management, notably the Regulation respecting the charges payable for the disposal of residual materials (chapter Q-2, r. 43) and Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials (chapter Q-2, r. 10), and to amend the EQA in this regard.
The Program of Redistribution to Municipalities of Charges Payable for the Disposal of Residual Materials will remain the preferred method to support RMMP implementation. The government wants, however, to provide better funding of recovery and reclamation activities. For this purpose, the Policy recommends that businesses bringing products to market assume the full amount of this funding. The government intends to support the funding of action plans arising from the Policy and to collect fees earmarked for program implementation for determined periods.
To ensure that all of Québec’s regions benefit from the economic spinoffs arising from the sound management of residual materials, the Policy proposes putting a halt to waste and maximizing the added value of our residual materials in an environmentally responsible manner. Given that Québec is resolutely fighting against climate change, the Policy invites all Quebecers to join together in managing our residual materials for the benefit of current and future generations, therefore contributing to sustainable development.
O.C. 100-2011, s. 8.