Q-2, r. 35.1 - Québec residual materials management policy

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The Policy applies to all residual materials generated in Québec by households, industries, businesses, and institutions, including those produced by construction, renovation, and demolition activities and waste from primary industry that is transported outside of production sites to disposal sites or to residual materials reclamation facilities. These residual materials also include municipal and industrial sludge and out-of-service vehicles and their waste. The Policy does not apply, however, to hazardous materials (except for household and similar products), animal dung, uncollected logging residues, biomedical waste, mine tailings, soil containing contaminants in quantities or concentrations exceeding the level set by regulation, and gaseous substances, except for those contained in another residual material or arising from the treatment of such a material.
O.C. 100-2011, s. 4.