Q-2, r. 35 - Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains

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5.2. General eligibility criteria
Management plans must entail an improvement in the general state of the environment in the territory in which they are implemented.
Management plans should be developed with priority given to riparian and littoral zones which are degraded or located in highly developed urban areas, rather than to zones which are still in their natural state.
Special protection and enhancement measures should target riparian and littoral zones of special interest for their biological diversity.
Section 40 of the Sustainable Forest Development Act (chapter A-18.1) provides that special standards may be imposed to protect lakeshores, riverbanks and littoral zones in forests in the domain of the State, where circumstances so require. The special circumstances and standards are to be examined during the process of amending or revising land use planning and development plans, on the recommendation of the metropolitan communities, regional county municipalities or cities exercising the powers of a regional county municipality. The Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune is responsible for the making and enforcement of the measures.
O.C. 468-2005, s. 5.2.