Q-2, r. 35 - Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains

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3.1. Prior authorization for activities on lakeshores and riverbanks and in littoral zones
All structures, undertakings and works that are liable to destroy or alter the vegetation cover of a lakeshore or riverbank, expose the soil or affect the stability of the lakeshore or riverbank or encroach on the littoral zone are subject to prior authorization. The pre-verification should be performed as part of the process when permits or other forms of authorization are issued by municipal authorities, the Government or its departments or bodies, according to their respective jurisdictions. The authorizations granted by municipal and government authorities are to take into account the scope for action allowed by the measures relating to lakeshores and riverbanks and those relating to littoral zones.
Structures, undertakings and works connected with forest management activities and subject to the Sustainable Forest Development Act (chapter A-18.1) and its regulations are not subject to the prior authorization of municipalities.
O.C. 468-2005, s. 3.1.