Q-2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting halocarbons

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61. Not later than 31 March of each year, a supplier or enterprise that takes back used halocarbons, or any other person who recovers such halocarbons to be treated or eliminated by it or by another person, must provide the Minister with a report showing, for the preceding calendar year and in respect of each type of halocarbon taken back by the supplier or enterprise or, as applicable, recovered by the person,
(1)  the quantities of used halocarbons, expressed in kilograms;
(2)  the quantities of recovery containers taken back, for each size; and
(3)  the name and address of each enterprise, supplier or any other person to whom the used halocarbons were delivered for treatment or elimination, specifying the quantity for each and, as applicable, the type of treatment planned or applied.
The requirement under the first paragraph does not apply to a person who has recovered used halocarbons and returns them to the unit from which they was recovered or places them in another unit belonging to the enterprise.
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 61; 201-2020O.C. 201-2020, s. 57.
61. Not later than 31 March of each year, a supplier subject to the take-back requirement in the second paragraph of sections 53 and 54 must file with the Minister a report stating, for the preceding calendar year with respect to each type of halocarbon and container the supplier sells or distributes, the number of containers and the quantity in kilograms of halocarbons taken back and, for CFCs or halons, the quantity taken back and eliminated. For each type of halocarbon or container, the supplier must also specify the name of the enterprise or body to which the halocarbons were delivered to be reclaimed or eliminated, stating the quantity for each enterprise or body.
The report must contain the elements provided for in subparagraph 3 of the second paragraph of section 57.
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 61.