Q-2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting halocarbons

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24. (Revoked).
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 24; 201-2020O.C. 201-2020, s. 21.
24. Until 1 January 2015, the prohibition in section 23 with respect to the use of a chiller operating with a CFC does not apply to a unit that was installed before 23 December 2004.
Subject to section 25, no person may refill such a chiller with a CFC as of the earliest of
(1)  the date of the first overhaul of the unit as recommended by its manufacturer, after 1 January 2005;
(2)  the date of the first overhaul of the unit, after 1 January 2005;
(3)  the date of the first repair of the unit that requires the dismantling or replacement of a major component containing halocarbons, after 1 January 2005; and
(4)  1 January 2015.
For the purposes of this section, “overhaul” means the reconditioning of a unit which is a process entailing the dismantling, inspecting, repairing, replacing, reassembling, adjusting and testing of the main internal components that contain halocarbons or come into contact with those substances and the purpose of which is to ensure that the unit complies with the technical specifications of the manufacturer.
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 24.