Q-2, r. 27 - Regulation respecting pulp and paper mills

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98. The operator of a mill, the operator of a facility that treats mill residual materials by combustion and the operator of a process water purification plant that is not a municipal plant must, at least once a week, measure the dryness of each type of mill residual materials, except bark, wood residue, paper and paperboard discards, recycled fibre pulping residues and dry ash handled, before directing the residual materials to a landfill site referred to in Subdivision 1 or an engineered landfill compliant with Division 2 of Chapter II of the Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials (chapter Q-2, r. 19) or, to the extent that the Regulation so permits, to a solid waste sanitary landfill site subject to the provisions of Division IV of the Regulation respecting solid waste (chapter Q-2, r. 13).
Where the second paragraph of section 106 applies, the operator must, each month, provide a measurement of the percentage of biological sludge on a dry weight basis contained in the mixed sludge.
The results of the measurements must be retained by the operator for a minimum of 2 years after the date of the measurement.
O.C. 808-2007, s. 98.