Q-2, r. 26 - Agricultural Operations Regulation

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22. Spreading fertilizers is permitted only for the purpose of fertilizing the soil of a cultivated parcel. It may be carried out only in compliance with an agro-environmental fertilization plan established in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation according to each parcel to be fertilized.
The following must establish a plan:
(1)  operators of liquid manure raising sites and operators of solid manure raising sites whose annual phosphorus (P2O5) production is greater than 1,600 kg; and
(2)  operators of spreading sites whose cumulative area is greater than 15 ha, excluding pasture areas and grasslands. For market crops or fruit production, the cumulative area is reduced to 5 ha;
(3)  operators of raising sites with solid manure management whose annual phosphorus (P2O5) production is 1,600 kg or less and who have cultivated parcels whose cumulative area is that referred to in subparagraph 2.
O.C. 695-2002, s. 22; O.C. 1330-2002, s. 1; O.C. 906-2005, s. 6.