Q-2, r. 25 - Regulation respecting the environmental and social impact assessment and review procedure applicable to the territory of James Bay and Northern Québec

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1. Definitions: In this Regulation, unless the context indicates a different meaning,
(a)  “Evaluating Committee” means the Evaluating Committee constituted under section 148 of the Act;
(b)  “Commission” means the Kativik Environmental Quality Commission constituted under section 181 of the Act;
(c)  “Act” means the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2);
(d)  “project” means a project referred to in paragraph 11 of section 131 of the Act;
(e)  “Minister” means the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks or a person appointed under section 210 of the Act, where applicable, and, for Category 1A and 1B land referred to in section 166 of the Act, the persons appointed under section 166 of the Act.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. Q-2, r. 11, s. 1.