Q-2, r. 23 - Regulation respecting environmental impact assessment and review

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3. Parameters: An environmental impact assessment statement prepared pursuant to section 31.2 of the Act may deal with the following parameters:
(a)  a description of the project mentioning, in particular, the desired objectives, the site (including the numbers of the original lots affected by the project), the project timetable, any subsequent operation and maintenance activities, the amounts and characteristics of types of borrowed materials required, power sources, methods of management of waste or residue other than road construction residue, transportation activities inherent in the construction and subsequent operation of the project, any connection with land use planning and development plans, urban zoning plans or agricultural zoning and reserved areas within the meaning of the Act to preserve agricultural land (chapter P-41.1), and any related operations planned by the proponent of the project, as well as any other technical data and characteristics necessary to know and evaluate the effects of the project on the environment and to identify the required corrective or compensatory measures;
(b)  a qualitative and quantitative inventory of the aspects of the environment which could be affected by the project, such as fauna, flora, human communities, the cultural, archeological and historical heritage of the area, agricultural resources and the use made of resources of the area;
(c)  a list and evaluation of positive, negative and residual impacts of the project on the environment, including indirect, cumulative, latent and irreversible effects on the aspects identified in subparagraph b and a description of the area as it will appear after the project has been carried out and developed;
(d)  a description of the different options to the project, in particular regarding its location, the means and methods of carrying out and developing the project, and all other variables in the project as well as reasons justifying the option chosen;
(e)  a list and description of measures to be taken to prevent, reduce or attenuate the deterioration of the environment, including the impacts listed in subparagraph c before, during and after the construction or development of the project, including, in particular, any equipment used or installed to reduce the emission, deposit, issuance or discharge of contaminants into the environment, any control of operations and monitoring, emergency measures in case of accident, and reclamation of the area affected.
An environmental impact assessment statement on river works referred to in subparagraph b of the first paragraph of section 2 must deal only with the portion of the river directly affected by the project.
An environmental impact assessment statement must be designed and prepared according to a scientific method.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. Q-2, r. 9, s. 3.