Q-2, r. 22 - Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings

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39.1.4. Characterization study and site plan: The characterization study of the site and natural land referred to in subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph of section 4.1 to be submitted with a permit application must also contain
(a)  a description of the soil stratigraphy at the disposal site using the methods recognized by The Canadian System of Soil Classification, except for the texture and associated textural class which must be referenced using Schedule 1. The description must, for each soil horizon, include an indication of its thickness, depth, colour, texture, associated textural class, structure, consistence, thickness of organic deposit, moisture condition of its profile and a root description; and
(b)  the hydraulic conductivity of the soil at the disposal site or the percolation time.
O.C. 1156-2020, s. 43.