Q-2, r. 19 - Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials

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53. The leachate and water collected by a collection system in an engineered landfill may be discharged into the environment only if there is compliance with the following limit values:

Parameters - Limit values Average monthly
Substances limit values*

Ammoniacal nitrogen
(expressed as N) 25 mg/l 10 mg/l

Fecal coliforms 1,000 CFU/100 ml

Phenolic compounds 0.085 mg/l 0.030 mg/l

5-day biochemical
oxygen demand (BOD5) 150 mg/l 65 mg/l

Suspended solids 90 mg/l 35 mg/l

Zinc (Zn) 0.17 mg/l 0.07 mg/l

pH greater than 6.0 but lower than 9.5
* The average monthly limit values apply only to water or leachate discharged after treatment. They are established using an arithmetic average, except for the limit value relating to fecal coliforms which is established using a geometric average.
In addition, the Minister may determine parameters to be measured or substances to be analyzed according to the composition of the materials received for disposal, and set the limit values to be complied with for those parameters or substances. The limit values may be in addition to or in substitution for the limit values previously set.
A batch discharge is prohibited.
For the purposes of this Regulation, a discharge into the environment includes a discharge into a sewer system that does not convey wastewater to a treatment facility established and operated in accordance with an authorization issued under the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2).
O.C. 451-2005, s. 53; O.C. 451-2011, s. 14.