Q-2, r. 17.1 - Regulation respecting the regulatory scheme applying to activities on the basis of their environmental impact

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213.1. The installation and subsequent operation of a temporary treatment system to remove suspended matters, that is installed as part of construction or demolition work and that is intended to treat wastewater generated only by that activity, are exempted from authorization pursuant to this Subdivision.
The following conditions apply to the activities referred to in the first paragraph:
(1)  where the water is discharged into the environment, the flow must be less than 10 m3 per day, except work for dewatering of the area of work in a watercourse, and they must have
(a)  a suspended matter concentration below or equal to 50 mg/l;
(b)  a pH between 6 and 9.5;
(c)  a petroleum hydrocarbons concentration (C10-C50) below or equal to 2 mg/l;
(2)  the water must not have been in contact with contaminated soils.
O.C. 1461-2022, s. 26.