Q-2, r. 15 - Regulation respecting mandatory reporting of certain emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere

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6.3.1. When an emitter, as part of its sampling activities, is unable to obtain analytical data, it must replace the missing data.
For that purpose, the emitter must apply the applicable method for the estimation of missing data specified in the calculation method prescribed by the applicable protocol in Schedule A.2 or, if the emitter uses a method of calculation or assessment referred to in the second paragraph of section 6, the emitter must demonstrate that everything has been done to capture 100% of the data and then apply the following method:
(1)  when the missing data concern carbon content, temperature, pressure or any other data that is sampled or analyzed, the emitter must analyze again, using the prescribed method, the original sample, a backup sample or a replacement sample for the same measurement and sampling period. If it is not possible to obtain valid data, the emitter must use replacement data established
(a)  by determining the sampling or measurement rate using the following equation:
R = QSAct/QSRequired
R = Actual sampling or measurement rate, expressed as a percentage;
QSAct = Quantity of actual samples or measurements obtained by the emitter using the calculation or assessment method used by the emitter;
QSRequired = Quantity of samples or measurements required to be obtained by the emitter using that method;
(b)  for data that require sampling or analysis, the emitter must
i.  if R ≥ 0.9: replace the missing data by the arithmetic mean of the sampling or measurement data from immediately before and after the period for which the data is missing. If no data is available from before that period, the emitter must use the first available data from after the period for which the data is missing;
ii.  if 0.75 ≤ R < 0.9: replace the missing data by the highest data value sampled or analyzed during the report year for which the calculation is made;
iii.  if R < 0.75: replace the missing data by the highest data value sampled or analyzed during the 3 preceding years;
(2)  when the missing data concern a quantity of raw materials, such as fuel consumption, a quantity of material, a production quantity or a quantity of reference units, the replacement data must be estimated on the basis of all the data relating to the processes used;
(3)  when the missing data are data from a continuous emission monitoring and recording system, the emitter must determine the replacement data using the procedure indicated in protocol SPE 1/PG/7 entitled Protocols and performance specifications for continuous monitoring of gaseous emissions from thermal power generation published in November 2005 by Environment Canada or applying to the missing parameters the method specified in subparagraph a of paragraph 2 of QC.1.6 of Schedule A.2.
M.O. 2012-09-05, s. 4.