Q-2, r. 10 - Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials

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8.8.3. The compensation rate of a municipality for the year 2023 referred to in the second paragraph of section 8.8.2 is obtained by applying the following formula:
CR2023 = Comp2023 ÷ (ENC2023)
In the formula in the first paragraph:
CR2023 is the compensation rate of the municipality for the year 2023;
Comp2023 is the amount of the annual compensation owed to the municipality for the year 2023;
ENC2023 is the net cost of the services provided by the municipality that are eligible for the annual compensation for the year 2023, as established pursuant to section 7.
O.C. 770-2022, s. 17.