Q-2, r. 10 - Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials

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8.8.2. The amount of the annual compensation owed to each municipality for the years 2024 and following is obtained by applying the following formula:
Comp. = DNC × CR2023 + S
In the formula in the first paragraph,
Comp. is the annual compensation owed to the municipality for a given year;
DNC is the net cost declared by the municipality pursuant to section 6.2 for the services provided by it during the preceding year;
CR2023 is the compensation rate of the municipality for the year 2023, as established pursuant to section 8.8.3;
S is the annual supplementary cost generated, where applicable, by the contracts referred to in section 18 of the Act to amend mainly the Environment Quality Act with respect to deposits and selective collection (2021, chapter 5) that are entered into by the municipality after 24 September 2020 and take effect after 31 December 2022. The supplementary cost is established pursuant to section 8.8.4.
O.C. 770-2022, s. 17.