Q-2, r. 10 - Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials

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6.2. Every municipality is required to send to the Société québécoise de récupération et de recyclage, not later than 30 June each year, a declaration stating, for the year preceding the year for which the compensation is owed, the quantity of materials subject to compensation that was recovered and reclaimed in its territory and the net cost of the services it provided for the collection, transportation, sorting and conditioning of those materials.
The net cost referred to in the first paragraph corresponds to the expenses incurred by the municipality the year preceding the year for which the compensation is owed to provide services to collect, transport, sort and condition the materials or classes of materials subject to compensation that were sorted at source, from which is deducted any income, rebate or other gain related to the materials and received by the municipality.
Expenses incurred by a municipality for the purchase of containers, for information, awareness and educational activities or for the granting of service contracts and the follow-up on payments owed under such contracts are not included in the net costs mentioned in the second paragraph.
The declaration must be signed by the municipality’s external auditor, who must state whether, in the external auditor’s opinion, the information included meets the requirements of this section.
O.C. 770-2022, s. 7.